What does it mean to be a woman in Christianity?

Does wisdom come immediately to mind when thinking of a 21st- century female who believes in absolute truth?

More likely, one is ready to take on one position from a stark dichotomy: either a woman is logical, scientific, and therefore atheistic, or she is foolish, brainwashed, and legalistic.

Even if she varies a little on her extremes, she must fall into one of these camps to the extent that she cannot be both. Right?

But which are you?

If you don’t feel like either, welcome. Welcome to a rational dialogue regarding Christianity and women that might, I hope, lift a weight from your shoulders and help you to recognize that social media and pop culture are horribly wrong about how to represent you. The thing is, you, the grace-filled, intelligent Christian woman, are a contradiction. The world suggests if you want to be rational you must be a radical feminist, and if you want to be religious you must be a fool.

Stepping into the assumption that the Bible is truth, Proverbs informs us that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom (chapter 1, verse 7). In which case, your faith has placed you at the very least on the first step toward wisdom.

Where do we go from here? How do we prove to a world that puts us into one of two camps that there’s also a camp for women who are wise, rational, intelligent, and Christian at the same time?

At the very least, silence is a poor response. God never shut women up, contrary to assumption, but rather, exalted the opinions of women in the ancient near east higher than most women in the ancient world had ever been.

Welcome to one opportunity to shake off the chains of assumption and dialogue about what matters to women of faith.


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